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Research Articles (2020 - Present)

EMSY inhibits homologous recombination repair and the interferon response promoting lung cancer immune evasion. 

Marzio A., Kurz E., Sahni J., Di Feo G., Puccini J., Jiang S., Hirsch C., Arbini A., Wu W., Pass H., Bar-Sagi D., Papagiannakopulos T., and Pagano M.

Cell 185:169-183 2022.   (See also related N&V). 

Extracellular matrix stiffness regulates degradation of MST2 via SCF-βTrCP. 

Fiore A., da Silva A., Filho H., Manucci A., Ribeiro P., Botelho M., Vogel C., Lopes de Oliveira P., Pagano M., and Bruni-Cardoso A.

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1866:130238, 2022.


CRL4-AMBRA1 is a master regulator of D-type cyclins.

Simoneschi D., Róna G., Zhou N., Jeong Y.T., Jiang S., Milletti G., Arbini A., O’sullivan A., Wang A., Nithikasem S., Keegan S., Siu Y., Cianfanelli V., Maiani E., Nazio F., Cecconi F., Boccalatte F., Fenyo D., Jones D., Busino L., and Pagano M.

Nature 592:789-793, 2021. (See also related N&V, NCI, Behind the Paper, Research Highlight, F1000, and In the News)

The NSP14/NSP10 RNA Repair Complex as a Pan-coronavirus Therapeutic Target. 

Rona G., Zeke A., Miwatani-Minter B., de Vries M., Kaur R., Schinlever A., Garcia S., Goldberg H., Wang H., Hinds T., Bailly F., Zheng N., Desmaële D., Landau N., Dittmann M., and Pagano M.

Cell Death & Differentiation, 29:285-292 2021.  (See also related N&V)

Loss of FBXO31-mediated degradation of DUSP6 dysregulates ERK and PI3K-AKT signaling and promotes prostate tumorigenesis.

Duan S., Moro L., Qu R., Simoneschi D., Cho H., Jiang S., Zhao H., Chang Q., de Stanchina E., Arbini A., and Pagano M.

Cell Reports, 37:109870, 2021.


AMBRA1 regulates cyclin D to guard S-phase entry and genomic integrity.

Maiani E., Milletti G., Nazio F., Holdgaard S., Bartkova J., Rizza S., Cianfanelli V., Lorente M., Simoneschi D., di Marco M., D'Acunzo P., Di Leo L., Rasmussen R., Montagna C., Raciti M., Stefanis C.D., Gabicagogeascoa E., Carinci M., Salvador N., Pupo E., Merchut-Maya J., Daniel C., Cesarini V., O’sullivan A., Jeong Y.-T., Bordi M., Russo F., Campello S., Gallo A., Filomeni G., Lanzetti L., Sears R., Hamerlik P., Bartolazzi A., Hynds R., Pearce D., Swanton C., Pagano M., Velasco G., Papaleo E., De Zio D., Maya-Mendoza A., Locatelli F., Bártek J., Cecconi F.

Nature 592:799-803, 2021.


ULK1 inhibition overcomes compromised antigen presentation in LKB1 mutant cancer.

Deng J., Thennavan A., Dolgalev I., Chen T., Li J., Marzio A., Poirier J., Peng D., Bulatovic M., Mukhopadhyay S., Silver H., Papadopoulos E., Pyon V., Thakurdin C., Han H., Li F., Li S., Ding H., Hu H., Pan Y., Weerasekara V., Jiang B.; Wang E., Ahearn I., Phillips M., Papagianakopoulos T., Tsirigos A., Rothenberg E., Gainor J., Freeman G., Rudin C., Gray N., Hammerman P., Pagano M., Perou, C., Bardeesy N., and Wong. K.

Nature Cancer 2:503–514, 2021.


ORF10 – Cullin 2 – Zyg11B complex is not required for SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Mena E., Donahue C., Pontano-Vaites L., Li J., Róna G., O’Leary C., Lignitto L., Minter B., Paulo J., Dhabaria A., Ueberheide B., Gygi S., Pagano M., Harper W., Davey R., and Elledge S.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 118 (17) e2023157118, 2021.


Discriminative SKP2 interactions with CDK-cyclin complexes support a cyclin A-specific role in p27KIP1 degradation.

Salamina M., Montefiore B., Liu M., Wood D., Heath R., Ault J., Wang L., Korolchuk S., Baslé A., Pastok M., Reeks J., Tatum N., Sobott F., Arold S., Pagano M., Noble M., and Endicott J.

Journal of Molecular Biology, 433:166795 2021.

Epigenetic silencing of the ubiquitin ligase subunit FBXL7 impairs c-SRC degradation and promotes epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and metastasis.

Moro L., Simoneschi D., Kurz E., Arbini A., Jiang S., Guaragnella N., Giannattasio S., Wang W., Chen Y.A., Pires G., Dang A., Hernandez E., Kapur P., Mishra A., Tsirigos A., Miller G., Hsieh J., and Pagano M.

Nature Cell Biol 22:1130-1142, 2020. (See also related N&V and related review)

APC/C-Cdh1 is required for the termination of CPC activity upon mitotic exit.

Takaaki T., Arakaki R., Kawai H., Ruppert J., Tsuneyama K., Ishimaru N., Earnshaw W., Pagano M., and Kudo Y.

J. of Cell Science, 133:18:jcs251314, 2020.

Genome-wide alterations of uracil distribution patterns in human DNA upon chemotherapeutic treatments.

Pálinkás H., Békési A., Róna G., Pongor L., Papp G., Tihanyi G., Holub E., Poti A., Gemma C., Ali S., Morten M., Rothenberg E., Pagano M., Szuts D., Győrffy, B. and Vértessy B.

eLife 9:e60498, 2020.


PHOTACs Enable Optical Control of Protein Degradation.

Reynders M., Matsuura B., Bérouti M., Simoneschi D., Marzio A., Pagano M.*, and Tauner D.*

Science Advances 6:eaay5064, 2020. (See also related Spotlight)


FBXL5 Regulates IRP2 Stability in Iron Homeostasis via an Oxygen-Responsive [2Fe2S] Cluster.

Wang H., Shi H., Rajan M., Canarie E., Hong S., Simoneschi D., Pagano M., Bush M., Stoll S., Leibold E., and Zheng N.

Mol Cell 78:31-41, 2020.


Interaction between NSMCE4A and GPS1 links the SMC5/6 complex to the COP9 signalosome.

Horváth A., Róna G., Pagano M, and Jordan P.

BMC Molecular and Cell Biol. 21:36, 2020.

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